Hear ye, noble subjects! Be it known far and wide that on the auspicious day of April 13th, we shall play host to a grand casting contest, and thou art hereby summoned to partake in the merriment! The spectacle shall unfold with a fly fishing division and a Spinning rod division, each vying for glory and honor.

At this festive gathering, merchants shall present their wares, showcasing a splendid array of goods. There shall be demonstrations to awe the crowd, and wise scholars shall impart their knowledge in seminars to enrich thy understanding. Moreover, in the spirit of camaraderie, generous giveaways shall grace the event, bringing joy and bounty to those in attendance.

Prepare thyself, dear subjects, for a day of sport and revelry! Let all who have a passion for the angler's art assemble on this date, that we may witness feats of skill and celebrate the camaraderie that binds us all. May this be a day etched in the annals of our kingdom's history!