Bigfoot Snook Fly Fishing Tournament

Fly Only!
No chumming, scents or bait. (Don't be a kook.)
Must be on foot.
No Fishing from any floating craft such as a boat, paddle board, kayak, etc.
Must be walking or wading. (You may use a watercraft to get to a spot but cannot fish from it)
This is a "Photo Release Tournament" aka you must get a photo w/ruler.
Biggest Snook of the day wins!
First Place: $500 and a Custom Nautilus Reel
2nd Place: Fly Rod
3rd Place: Fly Line
Must be @ Calusa Brewing for Awards (5701 Derek Ave 34233) by 4pm at the latest. If you have any additonal questions, be sure to give us a call @ (941) 552-9805